Elderflower Cordial


  • 1k/2¼lb granulated sugar
  • 1.5lt boiling water
  • 4 med lemons
  • 30 large elderflowers (Check the smell, as for the first recipe)
  • 55g/2oz citric acid


  1. In a large pan, bring the water to the boil and dissolve the granulated sugar. Once this is completely dissolved allow to cool.
  2. Grate the rind of the lemons, finely, and stir into the mixture.
  3. Cut up the remaining “bare” lemons into slices and add to the mixture along with the citric acid.
  4. Now drop in the elderflower flowers, stir, and cover with a tea cloth.
  5. Leave for 2 days.
  6. Now, filter the liquid through a muslin bag (or similar) into bottles. Seal with corks and produce some labels.
  7. This cordial will keep well for about a year-so enjoy it!