Peapod Wine

On a shopping visit to our local greengrocer, I noticed “peas in the pod” (most people buy the frozen type) I enjoy “podding” and make a great wine from the pods. Beware though; you will need a lot of peas!


  • 2.25k/5lb pea pods
  • 1.5k/3lb Tate and Lyle granulated sugar
  • 1tbsp Citric acid
  • ½tsp grape tannin or wine tannin
  • 1tsp yeast nutrient
  • 1pkt “Young’s” white wine yeast


Wash the pea pods carefully and then boil them in 4.5lt/1gal of water until they are tender. Strain into a clean, sterilised 2gallon bucket and dissolve the sugar in the liquid. Add the citric acid, yeast nutrient, wine tannin and packet of yeast, checking the packet regarding temperature.

Stir thoroughly and allow to cool slightly before transferring (via a funnel and piece of muslin) to a clean and sterilised Demi-john. Top up to gallon mark i.e. up to the shoulder of the jar, just below the neck. Fit a bung and airlock.

Allow fermentation to continue until finished and then syphon into bottles and cork-up.

I would suggest calling it “Peasporter” or similar NOT peapod as your guests may be put off by the name, but they will all enjoy the flavour—Believe Me

Well, that’s all from me for this month. Enjoy your Glorious June and don’t forget to contact me via the website with any homebrew problem or suggestions for future monthly topics. I am always pleased to hear from you that way I know someone is reading my page.


Yours Graham